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With over 20 years of industry experience, our team at Mooxworx.com is dedicated to providing you with high quality services and products that cater to your specific needs or project enabling you/your company to stand out from the rest!

Our experienced team of producers, engineers and graphic artists have worked with several of the hottest artists and leading labels in the biz from: Chamillionaire (Universal), Lil Rob (Upstairs), Chris Brown (Jive), Amanda Perez (Upstairs/Universal), Nelly & Tim McGraw (Derrty/Universal) and numerous other artists and companies around the globe and we’d like to offer you the same 1st class service to assist in taking your project to the next level!

Our Services include:
Custom Music Production (From Hip Hop, R&B to Pop, Reggaeton, Dance & more)
Beat/Track Leasing (For Mixtapes, Demo use, etc)
Graphic Design (Album Covers, Posters, Flyers, Logos, Business Cards, T Shirts, Vehicle Wraps & more)
Radio Commercials & Jingles
Audio Mixing and Mastering

So whether you are an artist, producer, dj, advertiser or a giant/indie record label, we’ve got the tools, tracks, solutions and simply put, “The Worx” waiting for you!
“Get Music, Get Graphics, Get the Worx”
-The Mooxworx.com Team